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Calcium For Your Snails. Big 7oz 198g Bag

7oz OF PREMIUM ORGANIC CALCIUM & MAGNESIUM POWDER. PURE CALCIUM, ZERO ADDITIVES. Our Calcium came 100% straight from organic limestone. Calcium is known to harden the shells of your pet, so that they can live longer. Just Sprinkle some to your pet's soil or food. For aquarium pets, simply sprinkle some to their water to automatically boost their calcium levels. Our Calcium is perfect for all pets that has shells or lay eggs as they need plenty of calcium. Our Calcium comes in a bag of 7oz or 198g.

  • Calcium for Reefs
  • Calcium for Fish
  • Calcium for Shrimps
  • Calcium for Mystery Snails
  • Calcium for crabs and many more
  • Ingredients: Organic Lime Stone