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These snail(s) are intended to be used as pets for personal or educational use. The care, misuse, or poor care for the snail(s) can result in and involve high risk situations. High risk situations include but are not limited to ingesting the snail’s secretion in any way shape or form (as it may be harmful and could cause injury), licking the shell or body of the snail(s), cross contamination by touching the snail(s) then touching your face, eyes, mouth, or nose, touching your face, eyes, mouth, or nose during or after handling the snail(s) and before you have sanitized your hands or any areas that the snail(s) has been on outside of its home. If any of these do occur, please seek medical attention.


By purchasing this item, the consumer accepts all responsibility and risk associated with caring for the snail(s). We, Simple Store99, accept no liability or responsibility of damage, injury, or harm done to any other animal, person, or persons as a result of caring for or mishandling the snail or snails purchased from Simple Store99. Under no circumstances, including negligence, shall Simple Store99 be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, or consequential damages/ injury /or harm that result from the care or mishandling of the snail(s). Nor shall Simple Store99, be liable for any such damages, injury, or harm including, but not limited to, the mishandling of the snail(s) resulting in harm to the snail(s), person(s), or other animals, choosing to ingest the snail(s) in any way shape or form, coming into contact with the snail(s) or it’s secretions and not taking proper sanitization steps, not sanitizing properly before, during, and after handling the snail(s), not sanitizing properly before, during, and after handling the snail(s) resulting in illness, illnesses, or disease, contracting an illness, illnesses, or disease from caring for, mishandling, or having close contact or little to no contact with the snail(s).